"Keleigh frog tied 2"

"Keleigh frog tied 1"

A few submissions for this year’s DAMNED SHOW.

Eternal reflections

She’ll make you see God

Intensive therapy

Got a secret …

Naughty nuns. Check.
Girls in shiny catsuits. Check.
So many different fetishes and so little time.
I have a penchant for blood red lips and shiny black tape. See, I want you to be beautiful in your debauchery, letting the world know that your kink is something you embrace, that it is part of who you are. Let the vanilla types flail their arms and shout to the world about how “wrong” what we do is. We can laugh all we want and give each other knowing winks, because we know we’re having much more fun than they are.
Repeat after me: “If it’s not ‘wrong,’ I don’t want to do it.”
While the mainstream pushes decorum and proper roles, I’m telling you to own your sexuality in any which way you choose. Kink to me is like touching the infinite. In “the Real,” we play out little atrocities on one another because of flaws and insecurities. In my world, we do these things via mutual consent, a fun fulfilling catharsis of debauchery.
That’s what this is all about.
Play. Experiment. Have fun.
Welcome to the “fetish parade.”

Fetish Army 2

It’s Mizz Amanda Marie!


Wrote this here, because it doesn’t need to be all over my FB feed.

New relationships are exciting. It’s even more exciting when a beautiful young woman chases you, catches you and claims you as her own. To me, that’s what it’s all about. Beauty wanted me. A few weeks into the relationship, and she tells you she loves you, My heart skipped a beat.

Then, not a week later, no contact … phone, message or text. Nothing. A glimmer of hope for one day and then the end.

Heartbroken. Was it me, her or was it friends and family? Some kind of closure would be nice. All I am is confused.

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